County Upgrades Winter Market

County Upgrades Winter Market

The Lackawanna County Department of Arts and Culture has spearheaded a project to bring new life and sustainability to the annual Lackawanna Winter Market. Through the design and work of Brian Murray of Reclamation Industries, Scranton, the county is now in possession of 50 new collapsable vendor huts for small businesses to use during the yearly Christmastime festival.  

Maureen McGuigan, director of the county Department of Arts and Culture, attributed the creation of the structures to the county’s continued patronage of the arts, and the support of government officials across the state and local levels. The construction of the vendor huts was secured through a $175,000 contract funded though the county’s share of proceeds from the state tax on online gambling. The huts are a more cost-effective way to house local businesses and artisan projects during the market. These structures will also drastically reduce the yearly costs spent on tent rental and assembly from third-party services, which cost the county anywhere between $60,000 and $80,000 a year. According to McGuigan, the county also plans to make the huts available for an array of other events countywide. 

The new vendor huts come in two different structures to accommodate a variety of business models, including a smaller structure with counterspace for food and beverage services, to wider stalls with table space, where vendors can display their wares.  

The initiative was well-received by many local businesses who were present at the Arts and Culture presentation Tuesday at the Electric City Trolley Museum, where prospective vendors were able to inspect the new huts and ask questions of Reclamation Industries regarding construction and transportation.  

Businesses included BohemianCat Designs, which creates handmade jewelry; Osborne Specialties, a local bakery; Dragonfly Dreamer, an art studio; and K&D Creations, a family-owned business that specializes in homemade crafts.  

The business praised the county’s resourcefulness and organization in assembling the Winter Market and were excited by the prospect of new, more aesthetic vendor spaces.  

Representatives of state Sen. Marty Flynn and state Rep. Bridget Kosierowski who helped secure funding for the project, and Dr. James Wilkerson, a business professor at Penn State Scranton, who is conducting a study on creative entrepreneurship, also attended the event. 

“I’d love for us - Scranton and Lackawanna County - to be known as the creative magnet of the Northeast,” Wilkerson said.  

The Lackawanna Winter Market is slated for December 5-7th of 2024 at Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton.