Lackawanna County Opposes Water Rate Increases

Lackawanna County Opposes Water Rate Increases

Citing the adverse impact on Lackawanna County residents and the economy, Lackawanna County Commissioners Bill Gaughan, Matt McGloin and Chris Chermak voted unanimously today to file a formal complaint with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, asking it to reject the massive water rate increases sought by Pennsylvania American Water.

The company has asked the PUC to approve rate increases between 24.9% and 32.4%.

“A rate increase on residential consumers in Lackawanna County will have a disproportionate and harmful impact on the County’s elderly residents on fixed incomes, especially where PAWC received a 14.5% rate increase effective as of January 1, 2023,” the complaint states. “Delivery of safe and affordable water and wastewater services is of critical importance to the safety, welfare and economic stability for Lackawanna County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. “…Lackawanna County asks the PUC to DENY any proposed new rates and other tariff charges that apply to consumers in Lackawanna County.”

“People simply can’t afford these rates,” Gaughan said at Wednesday’s commissioners meeting. He previously testified at a PUC hearing on the increase and asked the commission to deny the increases.

Click here for the full complaint document.