Whole Home Repair Programs

The Lackawanna County Whole Home Repair Program, in partnership with NeighborWorks, provides funding to address habitability and safety concerns, provide measures to improve energy or water efficiency and make units accessible for individuals with disabilities. The ‘Aging in Place’ program provides older homeowners with services that focus on assisting them to continue living safely and with dignity in their homes and community. Since 2017, the Aging in Place program has tackled critical safety modifications, home repairs, and other key social services for seniors.

NeighborWorks will work with the Lackawanna County Whole Home Repair program to provide these services to older adults, over age 60, homeowners residing in Lackawanna County. Eligible applicants must be at or under 80% AMI. Please apply by visiting NeighborWorks' website, for additional information.  

ACE (Agency for Community Empowerment) is a Community Action Agency that has been providing weatherization services in Lackawanna County since weatherization existed.  They are partnering with Lackawanna County and the Whole Home Repair Program to allow homeowners and renters, who meet certain qualification guidelines to access the necessary capital needed to address issues that are preventing them from receiving Weatherization Services. ACE has experience in certifying income, qualified weatherization professionals, training programs, administrative staff, and existing community partnerships.  In addition, ACE provides Workforce Training and has a ‘Rise and Ride’ program to help with transportation and trained professionals and community partnerships needed to provide the workforce training required to produce future workforce/construction professionals.

ACE is the existing provider of weatherization services in Lackawanna County and has a Workforce Initiative Program that helps low- income households and individuals with programs designed to lower their energy bills and gain skills needed to become self-sufficiency. Priority will be given to those households who qualify for Weatherization Services through the organization; please visit the Agency for Community Empowerment's (ACE) website, for additional information.