Lackawanna County attained a milestone with its 2023 Budget…
…It’s balance!  

This is the first time in 10 years (2012) that the fiscal plan was a true balanced budget without using the fund balance.  

As Lackawanna County Commissioner Jerry Notarianni, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, noted, this “didn’t happen overnight.”  “It took a great deal of effort by a lot of individuals.”  

Commissioner Notarianni singled-out the work of Dave Bulzoni, County CFO, and Mary Jo Granahan, County Budget Director, for their role in achieving this goal. “They spent countless hours reviewing the budget line-by-line to come up with solutions,” he noted.  

Commissioner Debi Domenick, Esq., and Commissioner Chris Chermak were also driving forces as were the Department Heads who realized that programs and services have to be delivered as cost effectively as possible.

To arrive at the balanced fiscal plan, Commissioner Notarianni noted Mr. Bulzoni used departmental adjustments, one-time revenue surplus from health care, RCAP Reimbursement, and limited sale of delinquent taxes to reach the “balanced milestone.”  

He again expressed his gratitude to his colleagues, the Revenue & Finance staff, and Department Heads for “doing the right thing” for the residents of Lackawanna County.