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–Fostering economic and community development by eliminating blight and returning vacant and abandoned properties to productive use.

–Formalized Cooperation Agreements with 15 Municipalities and 9 School Districts in Lackawanna County

–Placed approximately 300 formerly tax delinquent properties back on the tax rolls with a tax revenue value of an estimated $225,000. At the same time the Land Bank is eliminating blight by conveying these properties to responsible purchasers who will maintain them.

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The next meeting of the Lackawanna County Land Bank is scheduled for Wednesday, February 14, 2024 @ 11:00 AM. This meeting will be held virtually. The meeting will be live streamed on the ECTV You Tube channel. The public may send their comments/questions in writing with their name and address to be answered and included in the minutes of the meeting to Ralph Pappas at no later than 9:00AM on the day of the meeting.

New Properties Available

The Lackawanna County Land Bank partnered with NeighborWorks NEPA to address two blighted structures in the City of Scranton.  As part of the NeighborWorks NEPA West Scranton's Revitalization Plan, the Land Bank acquired the Price Street and Hampton Street properties at the May 2023 Tax Claim Judicial Sale .  NeighborWorks NEPA provided the funding and was responsible for the demolition of the two structures. The properties will now be available for purchase and development through the Lackawanna County Land Bank. The Land Bank is grateful for our partnership with NeighborWorks NEPA to help eliminate blight in Lackawanna County.

Price Street  Hampton 1Price Street  Hampton Street 2Price Street  Hampton Street 3
Price Street  Hampton Street Properties 4Price Street  Hampton Street 5Price Street  Hampton Street 6

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