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The Lackawanna County Wireless Information Technology Infrastructure Initiative Plan

  • Job Creation
  • Public Safety Advancements
  • Attract Businesses
  • Improved County Infrastructure
  • Assist the Medical Community
  • Community Improvements
  • Multi-County Networking

Lighting the way for a brighter future

wiremapIn planning and development since 2009, the Lackawanna County Wireless Initiative has become an example of what county governments can achieve to reduce the burden of increasing expenses and move into the future of advanced technology by offering the county secure and encrypted networks, enabling the ability to add VoIP services, wireless surveillance video, Wi-Fi, and network management products.

Lackawanna County’s 911 center, Courts, Prison, and government operations all require secure, high capacity network technology. By utilizing the Lackawanna County Wireless network, Lackawanna County has the security, speed, and capacity required to meet the demands of today’s services, and have the technology and capabilities to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Lackawanna County’s government operations footprint is small on a network of this size, therefore excess network resources can serve other municipal governments, medical organizations, businesses, schools, and business development organizations with superior connectivity and networking resources through a robust, secure network. These are just some of the ways Lackawanna County Wireless is bringing tomorrow’s ideas to you today.

Welcome to the beginning of the future of advanced technology in Lackawanna County!

Wireless Parks

Lackawanna County Wi-Fi 

One of the advantages of having a powerful wireless network is the ability to layer on applications and services. Lackawanna County breaks down the walls of accessibility with its progressive Wi-Fi Initiative by offering free Wi-Fi access hot spots throughout the County, that began with the County owned parks.

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Wireless Business Advantage

Quick and cost-effective connectivity is now readily available as an advantage for business and economic development throughout Lackawanna County.

Whether you are a small business just starting out, a large business looking to relocate to one of our business or industrial parks, or you’re looking for a redundant internet connect, the Lackawanna County Wireless network has you covered. Visit our Wireless Business Page to learn more about what we offer by clicking on the below banner.


A Self Funded Project

Lackawanna County Wireless is self-funded through a debt service payment plan based on services utilized throughout the County.