Conservation District
Conservation District
The Lackawanna County Conservation District (LCCD) is a legal subdivision of state government responsible under state law for conservation work within county boundaries.

Established in 1958, LCCD strives to provide for the conservation of soil and water resources through the control and prevention of soil erosion and conservation, restoration and planning of the county’s watersheds. LCCD serves the public as being a clearinghouse for information, erosion and sedimentation control, watershed conservation, environmental education and public outreach.

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Raingarden installation at South Abington Park Stormbank stabilization, part of a Low Volume Road Project in La Plume The District's line spreader and no-till seeder/corn planter that is able to be rented to Ag producers

Administrative Contacts
Tim Matechak
Chapter 102/NPDES Program
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Cheryl Nolan
Watershed Specialist/Environmental Education
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Eric Johnson
Farmland Preservation Program Administrator/Chesapeake Bay Program
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  • Water Quality Awareness