Jury Services

Welcome to the Lackawanna County Jury Information System. If you are reporting for jury duty, please report to the Jury Assembly Room, located on the first floor of the Lackawanna County Courthouse by 8:45 AM on the day you have been summoned. Watch for the signs throughout the Courthouse that will direct you to the jury assembly room. You must report for jury duty on your service date unless: 1) you are a stand-by juror and have been told by the Jury Call-In Box recording (963-6696) not to report, or 2) you receive in the mail from the court administrator, a notice stating that your are not qualified or you have been excused.

If you are a stand-by juror (the box on your summons above the date to report has an “X”), you must call the number shown on your summons the day before your service date. You may call anytime (24 hours) after 4:00 P.M. the day before your service date. The letter next to the “X” in the box is the group to which you have been assigned.  The Courthouse is located at 200 North Washington Avenue in Scranton. Entrance is through the front of the building on the ground floor, facing North Washington Avenue. Please bring:

  • Your Juror Summons Card
  • Your Scranton Parking Authority garage ticket
  • A photo identification card or driver’s license

Duty of Every Citizen

The service you will be performing as jurors in this Court is the cornerstone of our judicial system. It is a vital duty of every citizen; an absolute essential to our form of democratic society. Fulfilling your obligation as a juror insures your fellow citizens of a fair decision regarding their property rights or their life and liberty. The process of selecting jurors began many months ago when a computer randomly chose your name from lists of licensed drivers, registered voters, owners of companies and corporations, welfare recipients, and various other state agency maintained lists. Some people are exempt by law from this duty and others are excused because of serious reasons. However, approximately 18,000 jurors are called each year to serve.

For many of you, serving as a juror is an inconvenience and a sacrifice. However, the success of the jury system depends upon your willingness to serve. Your contribution is important not only to the community but also to you personally, since our form of society is only as strong as its system of justice. Your participation as a juror will leave you with firsthand knowledge of the judicial branch of government. You will find most trials extremely interesting and will feel gratified to have taken part in a real-life drama of great significance to your fellow citizens. You should take pride in helping to preserve and strengthen our system of justice.

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